Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girl Crush of the Day

I was just browsing the channels this morning and happened to see this hot mama on the Rachel Ray show.

She was sharing some of her favorite beauty tips and products, and if I were white, I would totally take note. That woman has been a Cover Girl since 1976!!!! And she still looks amazing. Sigh--she's so beautiful she makes my heart hurt. To wit:

This picture was taken a year ago. How old do you think she is here? 45? Nope. She's 53 in this picture!!!! She makes most 20 year olds look frumpy and dumpy! She looked even more youthful today on the Rachel Ray show, if you can believe it.

There's no doubt that Ms. Brinkley has won the genetic lottery, but she's also incredibly good humored and good-natured too (at least she seemed to be on Rachel Ray). Instead of those degenerate and self-destructive young starletts or neurotic and freakish-looking old celebrities, Ms. Brinkley seems to never do anything that would make her look idiotic in the tabloids.

But she doesn't seem so lucky in love. Married four times, and none of them "the charm," she's known to have these 5 main lovers (one of whom she never married):

Jean-Francois Allaux:
Christie and Jean-Francois met while she was in France. Christie and Jean-Francois Allaux married in 1973.

Olivier Chandon de Brailles:
Olivier and Christie Brinkley met at Studio 54 where she was hosting a party to promote her 1982 calendar. Christie and Olivier Chandon de Brailles never married.

Billy Joel:
Christie and Billy Joel met in 1983 on the Island of St. Barts in the Caribbean. Her engagement ring was reportedly a diamond solitare the size of a sugar cube.

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley were married on March 23, 1985 on a yacht on the Hudson River. This was the second marriage for both Billy and Christie. Christie and Billy have one daughter.

Richard Taubman:
Christie and Richard Taubman met in March 1994 when a mutual friend introduced them. He proposed in May, 1994 although Christie and Billy were still married.

Christie Brinkley and Richard Taubman were married at 3:30 in the afternoon on December 22, 1994 in Telluride, Colorado near the area where they were both in a helicopter crash in March, 1994. Christie wore a white satin dress that she designed.

At the top of lift No. 9, the simple ceremony was 11,900 feet up Telluride Mountain Christie was 40 years old, and Ricky was 46 years old when they wed. The 150 wedding invitations were drawn by her daughter, Alexa.

Christie announced at their wedding that they were expecting a baby boy. Guests at their reception at the Gorrono Ranch Restaurant were served a turkey, ham, pasta, and salmon buffet.

They had a roving magician on site to entertain the children. It was the second marriage for Richard and the third marriage for Christie. They honeymooned for two weeks in Italy.

Peter Cook:
According to an interview in the April 1997 Redbook, Peter Cook and Christie first met in 1979 when he was modeling, and had their paths cross a few times after that.

But at their re-introduction by mutual friend, NBC's Jill Rappaport, Peter and Christie felt an immediate chemistry with one another.

Peter and Christie announced their engagement in August 1996 after he gave her a sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook married on September 21, 1996 under a gazebo in a broad meadow at their ranch in Bridgehampton, New York. Both Peter and Christie wore Armani suits. Christie's was white with a long skirt and train. Peter's was a black-crepe suit.

They had nearly 120 guests at their wedding including Billy Joel. Christie was 42 when they married, and Peter was 37. Christie and Peter have a daughter.

Would you rather win the genetic lottery or the love lottery?
I wonder what Christie would say about that...

Who are your girl crushes?


jen testing said...

she had any work done though?

Alice in Wonderland said...

Yeah, I see your point. Most celebrities have had a little work done. But I still give Christie credit for not overdoing it, if indeed she had work done. Some people end up looking like total freaks, but Christie looks au natural (even if she isn't!)

Tammy said...

OMG! That's so funny, ever since I saw one of those True Hollywood type shows on her, I've been intrigued. I say love lottery any day. The main point of the good looks is to win the love lottery! Anyhow, Christie won me over when she was interviewed about Peter Taubman, who she actually called "Lucifer." Her eyes widened *this* much when she said it. I think she's seriously traumatized.