Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Cute

My outfit today is so sad. So dumpy, frumpy and just...sad.

To the untrained eye, I look like I'm wearing the exact same thing I wore yesterday. But in fact, everything's different except for the fuschia scarf around my neck.

The sameness is an illusion brought on by the fact that all my clothes are drabby. I don't wake up early enough to put together a thoughtful outfit and I don't fit into anything that I used to rely on. Sigh.

This clothing rut thing has become endemic ever since the belly started expanding. Now I know how mom-jeans begin. How getting behind in your fashion starts. And how women in their mid-thirties can end up looking like life has totally passed them by.



Arie said...

no excuse!! now that the slouchy, casual look is in (and at least for now, here to stay) there's no excuse for not looking, if not somewhat on trend, at least not noticably bad. oversized cardis ftw!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Yeah, good point. I guess I forgot to mention another reason I look uber-frumpy. I'm too cheap to buy good-looking clothes! :-P

Alaberi said...

oh please, dear Alice. As if YOU--the coolest fashion maven I know--would EVER become a frumpy thirty-something woman who appears as if "her life passed her by." NEVER! Won't happen to you. Promise. :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

That's sweet Alaberi. You're prob right that this current fashion detour is temporary. I'm much too vain to live like this for too long!