Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Secret

Remember that think-positive 'religion' that Oprah was touting a few years back--the Secret?

You're supposed to send out positive thought vibrations into the universe and the 'laws of attraction' will make the universe respond by giving you what you want!

Well, I think that's pretty illogical and pure wishful thinking--literally I suppose, ha ha.

But today, I can't help but send out some GIRL vibes.  I've got GIRL on the brain cuz tomorrow morning I get to find out whether we're having a GIRL or not.  I hope it's a GIRL.  I hope it's a GIRL.  I hope it's a GIRL.


That word looks really wierd to me now.


Wow, Girl looks a lot like Grill.

Reminds me of the time the spouse was in 3rd grade and made bookmarks to sell to his classmates.  He decided he needed to 'market' to the girls and made one that was supposed to say "Girls Rule!"

But he actually wrote "Grils Rule!"

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Wait, I don't want to confuse the universe with this line of thought.  Please don't send me a grill.  I want a GIRL. GIRL. GIRL.

Shoot, now I can't stop thinking of grills.  Crap.


Arie said...

i'm sending girl vibrations your way!

nafrica said...

Christina! That story was supposed to be just between us!

CP said...

Girl! Girl! Girl!

marshbog said...

Grillx!!! S k r i l l e x?