Friday, September 28, 2012

House Hunters Part III, et. al.

Home just popped on the market yesterday and we are in FULL ON BID WAR MODE.  BRING IT!

This house has EVERYTHING we want (well, everything major)...

--Good floorplan
--Updated everything--kitchen, bath, etc (flipper house)
--Just a 5-minute WALK to our top choice of elementary school
--Great, simple backyard

Fingers crossed again!

In other news, the next few weeks are going to be horrible.  My work project has taken over every inch of life.  5:30 am conference calls, drafting until 1 or 2 am at night, all day all weekend drudge.

Just shoot me now.

And you'd think by now I would not miss Judah so much when I go to work.  But everyday I pine away for him in my office (even though when I actually see him, I'm super annoyed at all his antics and constant willful disobedience).

And in other other news, I'm totally hooked on The Voice.

I've never seen this show until last week, but it's AWESOME. Still haven't figured out what happens after all the judges finish picking their teams, but I imagine it's going to be like American Idol?

And I'm not going to lie, I tear-up in every contestant back-story involving a loving parent and child. Ack! Parenthood has turned me into such an easily exploitable sap!

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