Saturday, April 05, 2008

Amateur's Night

Yesterday Michael and I entered ourselves into our first "big" Trivia Contest consisting of roughly 12 teams of 5 people each. Prizes were ipod shuffles.

Our group had Michael, his sister, me, and two random walk-on players. We would've done abysmally were it not for one of the walk-ons, Pete, who knew a surprising amount of random stuff.

The contest was slow and the questions were frustratingly obscure. Wanna test your knowledge? Here were some of the questions:

1. Which US state is known as the Land of Enchantment? (Pete got this one)

2. In olden times, what did you call the carnival person who bit off the heads of chicken?

3. In which decade did the largest empire rule the most land?

4. Which current Victoria's Secret Angel has been an Angel for the longest? (I got this one wrong. Michael claimed complete ignorance: "I have no such carnal knowledge")

5. What is the world record for the fastest men's 100m sprint? (Give answer to the nearest tenth--Pete got this one too)

6. What are you eating when you eat sweet breads? (I wagered a lot on this and totally got it wrong! Argh)

7. What is the currency of Iraq? Spelling counts! (Michael got this from the news and old Arabic college classes)

8. Which former LSU men's basektball player is the all-time leading NCAA Division I scorer? (Pete got this one wrong)

9. Name the 4 US Presidents who were born in the greater Boston area. (We got 3 of them right!)

10. Which was the first President to fly while in office? (We got this one too)

1. New Mexico
2. a geek
3. The British Empire in the 1920's
4. Heidi Klum! I thought it was Gisele :-(
5. 9.7 seconds
6. Thymus gland or pancreas. I thought it was cow's brain! :-(
7. The Dinar. Some groups said oil! Ha ha ha
8. Pistol Pete Maravich! Not Shaq, which Pete thought.
9. John Adams, John Q. Adams, JFK, and George Bush Sr.!
10. FDR

How did you do? If you got more than 4 right, you beat us!

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