Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Other Meat Market

Ever wonder how much a big toe is worth?

Well, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, in California in 2006, a big toe will get you $3,960 in workers' compensation. Your other 4 toes combined will only fetch $660.

This somewhat dehumanizing practice of quantifying the value of body parts is listed on scheduled benefit charts, referred to by an even more dehumanizing name--"meat charts."

Here are some other California values:

Hand: $75,515
Thumb: $21,010
Arm at Shoulder: $142,898
Leg at Hip: $61,435
One Eye: $17,714
One Ear: $5,280
(One Ear in Idaho: $1.04!!!!)
Both Ears:

This would make for a very morbid MasterCard commercial, no?

Having a quiet desk job? Priceless.

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Alaberi said...

Your last line says it all. I love this post!