Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An Open Love Letter

Oh Martha!

You have a hideous TV personality (probably becaues you have a hideous personality in real life), but I do love your aesthetics!

Today you have brought me immeasurable joy as I watched your morning show (despite cringing at everything you said in your thinly-veiled voice of disdain for non-perfection) as you announced your new partnership with 1-800 Flowers.

Your arrangements range from the unique to the sublime and are infused throughout with your incredible sense of style and sophistication. Bravo!

But not only are the flowers divine, you have given us the most charming vases to go with them! Indeed you mentioned that they are excellent reproductions of your own favorite vases throughout the years. What a wonderful keepsake to cherish long after the blooms have faded!

And now that you're running a $10 off promotional as well as a 10% off discount (codeword: MARTHASHOW) I have every reason to order one of your delightful creations for a lucky recipient!

Thank you Martha, you made my day!

Michael...are you taking notes?

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