Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jesus in the World

I do not want to worship Jesus Christ,
the historical Jesus of Nazareth,
who by all acounts was crucified by the Romans.

I do not want to follow Jesus Christ,
because by all acounts,
he was a loser.

He was a workaday tradesman,
poor, uneducated, and
lets not forget how it all ended.

A servant cannot be greater than his master,
so what would that make me?

Less than a loser,
which means,
my hopes, dreams, desires, ambitions,
my ego, self, identity, and status,
will be as they were for my Lord:

Dashed to pieces,
and ultimately unmanifest in the world.

But when Christ who is my life appears,
then (and only then and not before then)
will I appear with him also
in glory.

In this world, my friend says, there are winners and losers.
And my Lord was, by all accounts, a loser.

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Alaberi said...

dear Alice, did you write this? I like it.