Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Touchy subject

I'm bored from studying so this is my "break."

I don't really have anything to write about though.

Except this recent thought: I really hate talking to people about their beliefs...unless we already pretty much agree.

It's not that the subject itself displeases me, it's everything that comes with it. The emotion, the perception of judgment and the triggering of inferiority complexes. I'm much too afraid of offending the other person, which renders me rather mute and inarticulate. Everything has to be couched so diplomatically so as not to make the other person feel "bad." What I'm trying to say always gets lost in the hems and haws of niceties.

I hate the sensitivity dance.

I've learned long ago to speak about beliefs only to those who already know my intentions toward them are non-judgmental--basically, my friends. To strangers who do not understand where I'm coming from I often resort to actions only. I find for myself that it is both cowardly and necessary.


Tammy said...

I totally agree. Also, the older I get the more tired I get. And the more tired I get, the less I care about even knowing the other person's beliefs at all, much less swaying him/her into sharing my own beliefs. I'm no martyr for the cause.

kony said...

that's so funny! i had a somewhat similar thought just now and considered blogging about it. except for me i'd limit it to politics and religion. which i guess intersects w/ everything i'm genuinely interested in talking about for longer than 5 min... and also i am learning to enjoy the "diplomatic game." it's not so hard to play, really; most people enjoy hearing the sound of their own opinion (as it rolls off their own tongue), so the game boils down to nodding and "uh-huh"-ing. haha.

actually... i think i *am* interested in hearing about radically different beliefs, if only for the novelty factor. it's fun to be shocked. however, it's useless to argue, and it's useless to try to engage in a "dialogue" unless the other person is also interested in being shocked.