Monday, August 18, 2008

Bi-Polar in the Bay

Since the bar exam, my vacation has been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride. To wit:

1. Right after the last day of the bar I was UP. It was over!!!!!! The hardest 8 weeks of my life was finally over!!!!!

2. The next morning I was DOWN. Re-adjusting to "civilian" life and facing the mountain of stuff I had left undone for 8 weeks was overwhelming. Boxes to unpack, people to see, email to catch up on, domestic duties to resume, ugh.

3. That whole week I self-medicated with hours of tv: UP while watching, DOWN when the shows ended and the sun set without any real productivity on my part.

4. Celebrating my brother's 31st birthday: UP! One of the best things about being back in the Bay is living close to my bro again. No one gets you like a sibling.

5. Visiting UC Berkeley with the Golden Ones (my nickname for the most sun-kissed, blonde, and mellowed San Diegans I know): UP

I plan to put up some black and white pics of my favorite school all around my new apartment for some tasteful and personal decor. (Shout out to Mandi for giving me the idea with her gorgeous UCLA prints).

6. Organizing 10 years worth of accumulated crap (mostly clothing and documents): DOWN

Throwing away trashbags-full of crap: UP

7. Celebrating 5 years of marital bliss at Golden Gate Park: UP

Did you know that Golden Gate Park is larger than Central Park in NYC? But the largest urban park in America is Forest Park in St. Louis. I always thought Central Park was the biggest, but now I wonder what other urban parks also beat out CP. Know of any?

A highlight of GGP: The Japanese Garden. A beautiful jewel-box from every angle.

8. Realizing that my calendar is pretty much booked-up until I start work in late Sept: DOWN

Why can't my life be like this forever? I'm so dreading work. I think it's mostly fear of the unknown although I have been told that my demeanor is not professional enough for the workplace!

I talk too loud, I laugh too much, I tell politically incorrect jokes about being the recipient of affirmative action. Blah, blah, blah.

I'm determined to transform myself into a more demure and proper automaton. I shall express myself only through fabulous shoes and handbags and the occasional funky sweater-vest.


Mandi McArthur said...

I love the sweater vest! I want one! :o)
Thanks for the shot-out; always an honor to be mentioned.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Ha, well, you inspire me! Check out Boden Clothing for the vest and other fun clothes. They're a UK company that blends funky with professional...just your style ;-)

Here's the link to the sweater vest: