Thursday, August 07, 2008

Going for Bronze

Inspired by the upcoming Games, I've analogized my post-bar experience thus far to the bronze medal. Not the best, not exhilirating, but not bad either.

While my classmates are off to the far-flung corners of the earth--Mount Kilimanjaro, China, Tibet, etc--revelling in their last free moments before The Man chains them to a desk for life, I've just been a lazy bum/homebody.

My days have been filled with organizing, organizing, and organizing. And a lot of tv breaks. (Tivo + Cable TV = the end to productivity as I knew it, aka, TV on crack).

We just moved into a new abode and it's finally time to purge the apartment of all the crap we really didn't need to lug all the way from Boston. And then fill it up with new crap from Ikea!

I think I'm finally starting to get over the trauma of the whole bar "experience." I did have a mini-panic attack as I was storing away all my bar materials and I did have nightmares about the bar for five straight nights in a row AFTER the last day of the bar.

But now I think I mostly got it out of my system, so to speak. Although, I still have a strong visceral aversion to it--it's like Voldemort--he whose name must not be spoken. Just blogging about it now made me throw up a little in my mouth.


Portia said...

Haha... love it. So true. People ask me how it went and I say, "it's over." :)

Congratulations, though - it is over, and hopefully forever!

Tammy said...

Ooooo, where'd you move to?

Alice in Wonderland said...

That's a great question Tammy, and deserves a blog entry of its own. But for now, the short answer is: the border of Emeryville and Oakland. One side of my block is yuppyville and the other is the ghetto. Literally, there are SUVs rolling down one street, and homeless people pushing grocery carts on the other! I love it.