Friday, August 29, 2008

Where the Forest Meets the Ocean

I just spent 4 days camping in one of the most beautiful and breath-taking environments in the world: Limekiln State Park in Big Sur.

Camping is a first for Michael and I, but thank goodness we had the expertise of Brian (Bryan?) and Peggy to help us out.

Peggy did an excellent job with the food... (Mmmm camp food--bbq, sausages, pancakes, and smores every night!)

and I helped make salads :-)

We played tons of board games--including the 2008 Best Geek Game of the year: Agricola (that's what happens when both your brothers own a game store), books (And I realized I don't like reading, again. I blame tivo.),

...and went on some amazing hikes.

One of the best features of Limekiln are the several babbling brooks and streams that flowed throughout the hiking trails and even right by our tents. Talk about having a great white-noise maker while you sleep!

And another fun feature was the numerous fallen trees that criss-crossed the streams. Michael and I ventured out on some high logs...

and quickly lost our courage to stand back up.

Peggy and Brian got much further out.

So much fun--thanks Enderles!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that's so right about the board games. Other than you guys, I've had trouble finding anybody patient enough to sit down and learn the rules to Puerto Rico!!