Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hot Meals

We all know how food and cooking can be rife with double entendres (Swetty Balls anyone?) But nowhere is that more blatant than on Down Home with the Neelys on the Food Network.

At first the Neelys appear to be the black couple version of Paula Deen--big comfort food with a generous helping of Southern charm. But a few minutes into the show, you realize it's more like hour-long foreplay with bacon toppings.

I couldn't stop watching cuz I couldn't believe how ridiculously overt the romance'n was! To wit:

Pat (husband--while getting a meatloaf from the oven): Mmmm...I always got the meat baby, and you always my sauce, oh yeah.

Gina (while measuring out ingredients for cupcakes): Can you pass me the sugar baby?
Pat: Oh yeah, I got your sugar. I always got your sugar.

Gina (while adding cheese to a sauce): Come over here and taste this sauce Pat.
Pat: Mmmm...I know now I've been a good boy.
Gina: Oh yeah, you've been a very good boy. See it pays to be a good boy. (To tv audience) See, you got to hit your man 3 ways: the heart, the ???, and the stomach!

I expected them to start ripping each others' clothes off halfway through the show!

There's obviously something very sensual about the cooking process (which would explain why the French and Italians are so good at it)...

So for all you guys out there who think the kitchen is only for the ladies, I'll end this post with a parting insight/double entendre from Gina: "See men, it pays to cook with your woman!"

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