Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Be Nice

Hi!  It's me, just real quick.  I'm buried under piles and piles of work.  But I just HAVE to get some things down.  Cuz if I don't I'll explode, or rather, I'll just keep thinking about how much I want to blog about you and be completely distracted and inefficent at work.

Last Sunday you were a cranky screaming banshee.  You started an epic meltdown 90 minutes before your usual bedtime and I took that as a sign that you were pretty darn ready to go to bed right that minute!  You screamed and wailed no matter how I tried to soothe you so I decided I should just put you in your crib, close the door and walk out.

As you saw me turning to leave, you turned up your meltdown to high-terror-alert RED (which I've never seen before and definitely scared the crap out of me).  Your voice got 50 decibals louder and you started jumping up and down like a frantic lunatic.  So of course I stayed in your room and tried to calm you down.

And as you laid in bed wailing, you said "Mommy, no leave.  Mommy, be nice.  Be nice."

That took my breath away.  You've always begged me to stay, but you've never asked me to 'be nice' before.  It seems you've graduated to another level of cognition--not just asking for physical acts, but appealing to my psychological motivations--asking me to find it in my heart to be kind and stay with you.  Unbelievable.

Lately, in general, you've just been so much more expressive about what you're feeling too.  You've gone from merely describing things like "This is apple.  This is blue," to actually talking about how you feel about them.  Now you'll exclaim "I love it!  I love it!" or "This is yummy!  I like it!" or "This is fun!"

Or my favorite, which you'll say at random times "Mommy, I so happy."  Awwww, I'm happy too baby.

You are quite the little communicator!

I guess it's no surprise as your dad is one of the MOST talkative people I've ever met, heck he does it for a living.  And your mom ain't a quiet person either!


CP said...

Aww, so sweet! I find it's both endearing and frustrating when my kid is clinging for some extra Mommy time or cuddles. In the end, the endearing outshines the frustrating :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

Yeah, it's definitely a hard boundry to draw--I dont' want to encourage even MORE clingyness, but I don't want to be a mean mommy either. :-P