Monday, September 24, 2012

House Hunters

We've been looking to buy a new home for the last year or so and have found something wrong with everything.

Too small, too big, too pricey, too close to electrical wires, bad backyard, noisy neighbros, bad floorplan, bad flow, narrow hallways, etc, etc, etc.

But now it's crunch time. The baby is coming (or as I like to call it--Babemaggedon--since I absolutely dread the chaos and sleep-deprivation that is bound to occur). So we need to get settled. Now!  My spidey-mom nesting instincts are tingling like crazy.

So we put our picky preferences aside and bit the bullet--we put in an offer yesterday. We're competing against 2 other bidders and I'm biting my nails, hoping, hoping, hoping they'll choose us.

By the end of today, I'll either be celebrating with a bowl of icecream, or comforting myself with that same bowl.

I guess that's kind of a win-win.

1 comment:

CP said...

oooh, so exciting! I hope you get it!