Friday, September 21, 2012

The Bump

Yesterday I had a short conversation with a coworker I haven't seen in a while...

She: Wow, you're pregnant!  When are you due?

Me: In January!

She: Wow, that's still a ways off.  You're huge!  Are you having twins?

Me: [What I wanted to say]  Wow, that's incredibly rude!  You're soooo old and ancient-looking, you should know better.  What are you, 75? 80? (In reality, she's probably just 60.)

Me: [What I actually said]  Um, nope, just one baby!

But kinda makes me wonder, do I really look that big?  You be the judge...

Me and my giant middle.


Portia said...

I think you look adorable! The things people say to pregnant women...

This makes me laugh because I very clear memory (as in, I can remember what shirt I was wearing clear) of running into you one time in the ladies' room in the basement of Hauser 3L year and you said "Are you pregnant?" - I was probably 6.5, 7 months along at least and so obviously pregnant it was a laughable question. :) You certainly didn't go on and on about how big I was (and, oh, I was)!

CP said...

I forgot how far aking you are.... 20ish weeks? You look just right and super SUPER cute!

Three days before ryan was born, a man at the store told me "wow! You're as huge as a house, that's a compliment!" My first thought was "i hate you b*tch!" My second thought was "how, the hell is that a compliment?!"

Alice in Wonderland said...

Ha ha Portia--I remember that too! You really didn't look all that big!

CP--Ha ha, exactly! I'm dreading the giant-house phase of pregnancy around 35+ weeks. I just remember feeling like Shrek and feeling completely uncomfortable no matter what position my body was in!