Friday, September 07, 2012


It's so great to have Judah's cousin, Manfred, living nearby.

We're just a coupla innocent kids left at the laundromat.  Can we come home with you?

Manfred recently turned 1 this summer and the two of them are interacting a lot more now that Manfred can walk on his own and is generally more 'aware' of things around him.

Just kidding!  We are hilarious!

I feel like they have similar facial features, but in very different face-shapes.  Kinda like Mr. Potato-heads where one face is long and the other is round.

If I lean forward and he leans backward we won't tip over!

I hope they'll always live close by and have some great boyhood adventures together!  I can only imagine the mischief these two silly-billies will get into left to their own devices!

Did I mention that we're hilarious?


m.chung said...

I love Manfred's t-shirt! :)

CP said...

they are both so cute!

Arie said...

judah looks like such a big boy next to manfy!