Friday, December 09, 2005

I guess you had to be there

Today it snowed like crazy! It was amazing!

The snow was so fresh and powdery, the exact consistency of powdered sugar. There was such a gratifying crunch when you sink your feet into the deep drifts. And I made my very first snow angel!

The snow fell on all the bare tree braches and made them look like huge glistening snowflakes. It was really one of the greatest sights I've ever experienced; right up there with liquid gold sunsets.

I wonder if native New Englanders get as excited as I do about the snow. It's so great, I bet they do. How could anyone tire of this breathtaking beauty? I understand that snow can be gross and dirty and icy, but I'm talking about the softest, purest, fluffiest flakes you ever saw.

Ok, this is probably the boringest post I've posted in a while because I just can't stop ranting and raving about the snow! The snow! It's beautiful! It just makes me want to jump around in it and make a million snow angels and have snowball fights and more!

But no, can't. Stupid finals!!

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