Saturday, December 03, 2005

Two Chinese Students Make Me *sniff* Proud

I've never been particularly proud of being Chinese. Until this week.

I mean, sure we built the great wall; and our civilization is ancient; and we invented a lot of things centuries before other nations did.

All of that doesn't really mean anything to me though. None of that added so much good to humanity that I could hold it up and say, "Wow, I'm proud to be Chinese."

Until this week. I saw this short video clip of two Chinese students, and for the first time in my life, I stood a little taller, head a litte higher, and with hand on heart, thought:

Yes, this makes me proud to be Chinese.

P.S. Don't you dare leave this blog without watching the clip!!! This is my people at their finest hour! (And make sure your sound is on to hear the clip).


Beckett Amelia Hughes said...

That was Priceless! The intensity while they were singing the Backstreet boys was hilarious.

Infinity8Ball said...

ROFL! I especially loved it when the guy points to his backup to sing... and he doesn't!

Alice in Wonderland said...
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Alice in Wonderland said...

Yeah, it's a piece of art for all time. I especially love the guy in the back who is at the computer and doesn't ever turn around. It's like he's so used to these two clowns that he doesn't even care what they're doing anymore.

BTW, The video should be about 3 minutes long...if you see a shorter version, it's a loading malfunction. Keep checking back until the play bar shows the length of video to be 3 minutes plus.