Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pure snow, moldy water, and no life

Today it snowed! Finally. Everything looked beautiful, like in a postcard. So this picture isn't the best representation of what it looked like.

Also, I solved the mystery of why my stomach hurts like crazy sometimes.

I think it's because I drink moldy water. I haven't washed my cantene for...maybe a month? And I saw mold in it today. I drank out of it so much yesterday...and come to think of it, the water was strangely murky.

Lately, my time has been consumed by applying for summer jobs and studying for finals. I wish I could have my life back. Everyday I make all these half-ass resolutions in my head that next semester, I'm NOT going to let school take over my life. But if I were a betting girl, I'd bet against me on those odds. But people can change!

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