Monday, February 27, 2012

Easy (Vocal) Rider

A few weeks ago, we were in the throes of Epic Family Illness 2012 and Judah had to go to the doctors' for an eye infection.  The upside?  The doctor gave us some impromptu observations on Judah's personality.

While he poked and prodded Judah amidst Judah's loud protests, he noted that Judah was an extremely vocal baby.  Um yeah, I coulda' told you that.  Judah has been "vocal" from day one--and by vocal, I mean constantly, CONSTANTLY, fussing, whining, and crying about something.

But after the poking and prodding was over, Judah happily played with the doctor and flashed him his signature mega-watt smile.  The doctor said this is a sign of being quick-to-forgive.  Judah does not hold grudges, apparently, not even for a minute.

While most babies would be wary of the 'mean' doctor that poked him/her during the rest of the visitation, Judah has no such reservations.  As soon as the discomfort is over, all is forgiven and everyone is a friend again.  I wonder where/who Judah gets his easy disposition from?

Or maybe he just inherited my extremely short memory!

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